Right now, we are living in the world where everything is already prepared for us. It seems that there is a program, that right after we were born, we have to fit in to that program, we have to mold ourself in such a way that we can fit ourself to the system that was already there.
The very first programs in our life was came from our family. When we were born, we are like an empty glass, we dont know anything, we dont have knowledge, we dont have sins, we dont know the difference between right and wrong, we dont know how to judge, we were the most innocent in the his world, like a pure, perfect sample of creation. According to studies, from zero to 3 years old, 50% of our programmed was already made. The seed of programs was already planted. We learned our first ABC from home, the first word, the first belief and also our first fear. Like an empty glass we just accept everything that our parents and family members pours with our mind, and we have no choice. We cannot say, “oh no stop I dont like that information”, everyone was like a God that we obey.
They even gave as a name, see, nothing seems real from the very start.
One of the biggest program that we adapt was the religion. Right after we were born, whatever our parents religion is going to be our religion. It only changes once we reach the time were we have the courage to choose what we want to believe. `
Another program was “the program of dreams”. If you remember, once in your life as a child, your parents asked you, or other people asked you, what do you want to be when you grow up? Ofcourse, you will not answer base on what you want, but by what you’ve seen around you, your options are only limited to the informations that is available around you. One example of this is your parents job. For example, your mother is a doctor, it is very possible that in your mind, you would want to be a doctor someday. I’ve known a family of dentist, doctors, architechs, teachers, police and so on. Since your family is your first influence, you get to adapt with the culture.
education, elementary school, learning and people concept - grou
The longest programming came from school. It is long because it goes in a perfect pattern, the Elementary, highschool, college and MBA and so on. As you start going to school, you tend to adapt with all the school rules and regulations. There is a much stronger rules that you need to comply in order to survive and passed. There are so many teachers that you must obey. Different subject to pass, many lessons to memorize. The teachers will teach you lessons that you have to memorize, then they will measure you performance based on what we call “grades”. Imagine 40 to 50 students in one classroom learning the same lesson, memorizing the same pattern. Then after a while they will give you examinations to measure your comprehension. After the result of the exam they will give you grades, and judge you base on those little numbers. If your grades are high, your teachers will praise you, teachers are happy, and once the grade was out, your parents will be happy too. But, what if its other way around, your grades was not as high as what they expected, ofcourse, the teachers will call out your parents, the comparing starts. You will be compared with other students who did better than you. The judgement arise everywhere, even your classmates will start to bully you. Imagine those teachers expecting those student to learn the same lesson at the same time. How was that possible? They didnt even try to realize that every child is different and none of them has the same level of comprehension. They are not like robots that when you inject the same informations and expect them to function simoultineously. And what happens next? The child felt left behind? They will feel worthless, stupid, not good enough, different, and losers. They will start to question themselves if this words are real. Self confidence starts to fade, the feeling of self worthiness kick in, they will feel alone and unaccepted. They started to lose the most important values of their life.
Then finally the biggest influence of the 21st century, the media. This includes the television, radio, music, video games and the internet. As a child, curiousity is at its peak, they want to explore everything, since we dont know what is right and what is wrong, they just accept everything that they see. In fact, they copy everything. Media decides who is beautiful and who is not, its dictates what to wear, how to react, what to buy, what to dream and so on. I cant say that all the that is we see in the media is bad, I only say it affects people behavior in a ____ way.
To think of it, majority of things that we know or what we believe is not originaly from us. The way we think, the way we see the world, it was all from the influence of those biggest company who programmed everything. The government, the polictics, the education system, financial system, almost everything is programmed. Its like when we were born, we are like an empty USB, or CPU’s, no files, no programs, until those influencers started planting information in our baby brain. How do we stop this matrix, how do we wake from this dream, or the real question is, who are you? what is your original identity before the programming? why are we here? Are we here to fit in or are we here to make a change?
To be continued…
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